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quality will adjust itself!
sorry about the filesize, but theese damned traced bitmaps take up huge amounts of data.

and once again, please leave a reviev.


Good action!

Very nice battle scenes.

Like the previous poster mentioned in detail, I also enjoyed the nostalgia from the various sprites used (metal warriors was /rockin/ on the snes)


I appreciate all of the references to various Mech games, especially Metal Warriors and GW: Endless Duel (great movie).

The way in which you implemented them is very creative and fresh. Even Samus ship is in there, and a bit of Starcraft as well!

Also, I know what you went through when you're talking about tracing bitmaps. Those things are a bitch. Right now, they're stalling my Flash, and slugging my Computer, whilst I edit some 450 frames a scene.

I'll definitely be looking out for more of your Flash animations!

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In space, no one can hear you explode...

I see you used a large multitude of sprites in this movie, however, since I can't identify all of them, I can't tell which are custom or which are rips. However, you used some rare ones, such as the 3D walking battlesuit from Final Fantasy 6, so points up for that! There was some mixing of bittages though, and although that's a fairly common problem, it cannot be overlooked, as it causes sprites to clash. The anime-style pixelated cutscenes were good and used well, and the lazers were neat and believable. In fact, all the effects matched in rather well and looked great! Voices were a bit hard to understand sometimes, so subtitles might be helpful to add next time. The text parts were fine and understandable, and you chose a good font, and the title screen animation was a nice touch. A space plot isn't too original, but it's not too cliche, either, so that's just fine. The voices and scenes were placed together well, and it was a smooth animation, so it actually seemed like a typical anime series advertizement. And the credits were made in a great way (even with the little typo there... =P) and the music played during them was really good. And in case you're wondering, the "Humor" score is based PURELY on the extra scene's jokes! Yup, it was just that funny! ;)

All in all, it's a pretty good trailer, and I look forward to seeing this series in its entirety!

very very nice

there was alot stuff i reckonized you got starcraft, some gundam robotech and nadesico stuff, i saw the terminaters in the backround, other anime sprties (you can always count on them to have high quality sprites, and others i didnt know. but the only thing i thought would be in here was super robot/taisen wars. they have alot of stuff that you can use for the space scenes. the extra scene was a bit random and who was that hot chick?


Dude... you should SO make this... i'm dying to see an actual flash movie O.O

Only problem was i couldn't understand what anyone was saying... louder voices would be great...

I see great works from you... i'll be watching you . . .

interesting extra scene btw Oo humor score goes to that interesting scene

f1dd3 responds:

well thank you, but it said:for a movie that will never be made.

and anyway the extra scene was the only one i really liked.

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
9:13 AM EDT