Metal Gear Fiasko 2

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Update: Fixed the annoying loading screen... hopefully...

Okay, now that's out of the way. I put alot more effort into the graphics this time, but drawing with a mouse is still tricky!

Atfer successfully infiltrating the jungle, Snake meets the first member of the terrorists. But this isn't the everyday sniper either...

P.S: Wait until the end of the credits for a surprise!

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when is thare a 3??

Vastly improved.

First of all i loved the intro i thought that was an excellent touch to the flash,then there we're the little things like the call signal slapping Snake in the face which i was dying in laughter from,as for the animation that was improved a lot as well,overall i really liked this 2-part Metal Gear spoof series.

Tuovila responds:

Thank you VERY much. I still have some tiiiny hopes of someday reviving this series. That would require me to fall to a non-life state and spark my creativity once again. So let's see... :D


Soooo funny! the last bit (end of credits) was hilarious!!!!!

Tuovila responds:

Thanks! ^^

MUCH better than the first one

I didn't like the first part, it was pretty stupid and boring, but then it got really funny, you should keep to that. And maybe you wanna try spending a lil more work on the drawings

Tuovila responds:

I respect you for still watching the second part. I have no idea if I'm going to continue this series some day or not. Depends on my ideas and motivation. I definately don't want to make a regular, dull and boring sequel.

I DO hope I'll have some time to spend infront of Flash once more... Maybe in the near future. Thanks for your review!


one of the better mgs flashes on ng. i cant write for shit in finnish, but here goes: hyvaa etta suomelainen tekee mgs ohjelmat! mina on kanadialaisi mutta minun issa ja aiti olevat suomessta. hyvaa tueo tassa. sataa pourcenti! lol, i hope you understand that, and make a third please!, i'll vote it a 5 iff you do!

Tuovila responds:

Heheh, great! I did get your point. Nice of people to leave reviews. I really hope I'll return to Flash some day. It's just such a devoting process and these days I never find the time to just sit there all day. I know I'm lazy, but still.

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4.27 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2005
4:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody