Bunny VS World

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Adolf Bunne is turning your rodent kingdom into a Nazi empire, so now you, a ninja rabbit, must destroy him and his army in this platform action game. I've been working on this far too long, but I'm finally done all 7 levels.

The levels get more interesting as you progress, as this was my first side-scroller so I was learning (and hitting my computer) as I went. I got the hang of it after the first 2 levels, and the rest were fun to create. (Personally I like the space level and the final boss.)

>>Left and right arrows are movement, up arrow jumps, down arrow is the attack (when you're in the air), and space bar shoots when you're in the UFO or creepy cheat thing.

>>Press "Ctrl" during game to view the controls and cheat interface. (When you win there's a cheat to use the UFO in any level. There's also a secret cheat code on the main menu to do something else...)

>>The password for the level you're in is listed at the top of the screen, so you can stop playing and come back later.

>>Things changed since the demo thanks to viewer input: Added double-kill bonus, a difficulty setting, changed intro, fixed the stuck in ground glitch, fixed the birds-slowing-game-down glitch, and made the game generally faster by smoothing background textures.

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Good Game.

A Adventure Style Game, This game reminded me of Mario. What if there was a ranged attack? Then I think it was better and easier. The annoying enemies are tank penguins and aliens shooting a wide range of lasers. This game is great for story and adventure.

I thought that this was a nice game. What I did not understand was how you had to press down when you were attacking. That's something that is usually automatic in games, at least in ones like Mario. I do like how the designs are pretty good. I think it was a good idea to give the bunny a more realistic look. It suits him more like the Bunnykill series.

The most annoying enemies were easily the birds. In the times I played this, on both occasions, they caused me to die. The music and sounds are fairly good too. I was afraid this would be an RPG at first. Yeah, I'm not a fan of those.

won it. AWESOME LVLS!!

final level code: iamcrazy

"Lots of fun"

I really enjoyed playing this game. Good job.


I could never get past level 1, but the fighting is cool

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3.76 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2005
4:34 PM EDT
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