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A daily 2oon at 4 am in the morning where i am. i just cant get to sleep. whatever. heres another daily 2oon. featuring stuff from ZekeySpaceyLizard, Yenig, StarberryClock, and daily2oon rookie rtil. enjoy.

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ZekeySpaceyLizard - Random, random, RANDOM! Sometimes I have no idea what's going on in your head

rtil - Tom & Wade dancing to some music, nothing special

StarberryClock - It's like rtil's but with stars & bad graphics

Yening - Kittens own ya ok? so cute =^-^=

Overall: My favorite was ether zekey's or Yening

oh shit

Wouldve been perfect except for that star syndicate shit


Oh, apparently the kanji button is here to stay?

At least for now. Anyway, house of the rising sun and all. Rock on.

rtil: Ha ha. Wade dances better than Tom. I never would have guessed. Seriously! Wade is rocking the house. Tom's got the vocals going on though, clearly. Awesomeness. Whistles everywhere. Great job.

Yenig: Kittens to the max, eh? And not just kitten, fluffy-chested kittens. SO INAPPROPRIATE, OGM. Wahoooooo.

StarberryClock: Oh my... that's good seizure... :::can't look away from mirrorball with my peripheral vision consumed by flashing colours::: That was truly... um... coma-inducing. Too bad you didn't pick a more trancey song to truly send us into... well, a trance. Yeah. #;-}>

ZekeySpaceyLizard: Random, random, and RANDOM to start... and then a lil' stick piconjo going by... fascinating... um... Jerry Seinfeld looking very very Kramer-ish... and... um... yeah, angry/pyschotic face... and Jerry again... oh boy, Zekey... You deserve a break from the superlong awesome stuff after the Morgue, though. You can't be expected to win a daily award every time up to bat, after all (forgot to say congrats in that review, BTW... congrats!).


'Q' in quality, Tom, Wade, German rocking Kitties; what more does anyone really need!?

TheStarSyndicate responds:



God...I'm so glad I have epilepsy...I can't even tell how much I'm voting on this submission...I'm just...clicking...and it...takes me...