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Sonic Epoch ep. 3

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Sonic Epoch is back!! Due to popular demand here are 6 new cartoons by Fat Badger and Brick Top.

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The Doomsday Project is the pinnacle of storytelling. emotional, gripping plot with a moving ending and bold characters. This is not just a flash this is art. A movie that changed my life now just as it did in middle school. 5 stars just for that one alone.

And we start off with...Promising menu is promising
Skit 1 : Sonic's Date with Rouge - Voice acting has a noticeably higher quality than previous episodes. Good. Also why kill Rouge? She kind of is the Sexual character in the Sonic franchise.
Skit 2 : Console Battle - Yeah that's pretty much it, Nintendo got the casual games wich have decreased QUITE A LOT in dificulty because casual = casual = esay = easy.
Skit 3 : Sonic sings some song - At first i tought it was a intentional mispelling but now i get it. Also, that is pretty good i gotta admit i really never saw any song with any videogame character at all thrown into it that is good ot decent. This, this is just great. Not saying it could be better, but i'm just saying for it's type of thing, it's really surprising that someone actually made it work.
Skit 4 : Doomsday Project - Oh the old plot? nice. the quality decreased in a reasonable saumont at the point at wich i'd expect something better. Actually... Nice one with the 30 minute falling section there. Certainly something to like abou it.
Skit 5 : Big Mac Adventure - Burger Time but better!
Skit 6 : Sprite Jamboree - It's great. Specially when this is the first time you ever used sprites.

I wonder if a man would really fuck a hamburger?

awesome give them a credit

FatBadger responds:

give who a what credit?

Deserves 5 stars. I like the one when Sonic knocks Rouge with Champagne.