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Kill Phil vol 2

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Author Comments

Second part to Kill Phil. The Guy finds Phil's disco night club and sets out to kill him.
The Guy has disguised himself as a member of the club to get to his target, Phil.
This is still my first flash, but this is the second part.

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Great flash man!

PunkRawkAnt, please just shut up. You say its only an opinion yet constantly berate it taking the view of EVERYONE. Also, why do you feel you have to insult and belittle the flash maker. He did not say he thought it was brilliant, he did not say he was good at flash, he simply stated this is Kill Phil Vol. 2, please tell me how it was. Good job Phil, for a first time flash i actually found it pretty damn good, so ill give you a 5/5

Great my friend

Just as good as the first, I'm waiting for the conclusion... it wouldn't hurt to add voices.... the more rediculous they sound the better it will be. Gracias!

I liked it

not bad, not bad at all

I like it

Graphics and stuff like that have never really been important to me. I enjoyed the flash, thought it was funny.

Also, to the guy before me (the one who's old and wise). You keep going on about how you're allowed to have your oppinion, which is true. However, at the same time you try and make out that your oppinion is right. Saying "i don't know how it made it to the portal" shows signs of your ignorance and lack of understanding of other peoples oppinions. Obviously, a lot of people liked the flash for various reasons. If you want people to accept your oppinion, you have to accept theirs.

once again i get to tell the truth

this was'nt even a cool flash, it's story line is not even remotely interesting, and the animation is bad, granted its better than your first, but the first time you have sex, isnt like the 15th time, your bound to get better...least i hope, anyways since my reveiw for this the first time was takin off, PunkRawkNic is a chick not a guy so i doubt she has a penis to pop pimples ok? anyways. this flash needs work and you need to do more work and try harder to make it look better because it seriously just looks bad, i dont know how it got by in the portal, sorry but im being truthful of my opinion and i have blammed many entrys as well as saved the ones i thought were good, so dont think im picking on you because i know your just a kid and it makes you mad when you see things that are putting down your work, but its true, if you want a good reveiw from me, impress me, because i noticed not all your reveiws are good, so dont make me look like the bad guy for doing my job as a member on newgrounds, smooth up the characters, work on voices and all that good stuff, because i didnt see much improvement from your first flash to this one ok?

chillyphilly responds:

ok man, thats all i needed in your first review without the insults and shit. now that youve actually written a proper review I respect your opinion. ok. I will try to do better in the next part, which is coming along pretty good. But yeah these first two volumes Ive just been learning flash myself and its kinda just been a story ive been working on to improve my flash skills.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2005
2:00 AM EDT