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LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk

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Wow, frontpage! Thanks a lot!
EDIT: I removed the AS fire so that it'll play smoother in most computers. Sorry of the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for all your support, even though this movie ended up too short, LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk 2 is in the making. This time, I'll try to make it longer. Just be patient. <3
Hello guys, this is my third movie submission to NG this month. This movie is made for LL's Bi-Weekly Flash Contest #8, so it's not very long like my other recent movies. Hope you guys like it!


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Now that was unexpected. I had no idea this would be a compilation. It's still a great cartoon or cartoons. The final thing is that I have never played any of the "Final Fantasy" games. I have just heard them referenced so many times I get every joke here! There's so much video game stuff here.

I like how they're not referred to by their full name. Just Communist. It's a cute little touch. I understand gil and everything else here. Best was probably the one with the opened chest.


Coffee should have equipped a Pop-up Blocker.

Poor samename...

Really good, better than that legendary frog pile of crap.

Clever, insightful and sharp

I find myself impressed by this. It's unexpectedness is equaled only by it's ability to make excellent observations on the very nature of Final Fantasy games. It is short, it is simple, and it is wonderful.


that was funny as hell would have been better liked it more if it was longer but dont get me wrong i still voted 5 it deserved it "o boy this sure is swell you have 5 seconds to escape to the beach before this place exploads" X^D