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I was Kind of just experimenting because i was bored enjoy :)



Man, how they can even consider asking for a pay raise is beyond me. WHAT DO THEY DO EXCEPT SIT? There's nothing TO do! It would be cheaper just to automate it all and get it over with. Anyways, nice video, but the reviewers have a point: It is rather dull to look at.

better than the others

i have to admit it was better than all the other london under ground flashes. but it woz actually good.
it woz bit of a kareoke sorta flash tho so it wasn't too exciting to watch. but fun to sing along to :P.
i feel that u could do a lot better than this tho and pehaps do a proper flash for this song. hey, i'd no i'd watch it. al u need is some more deication towards and spend some more time on it and i reckon u could have a really good flash.

good try

im giving u props for actually attemptin to make a video instead the other fucks who download the official and try andpass i off as their own, as a suggestion id have like the things from the song come outa the door, like a guy onna bike, or tramps on every platform or sumtin like tat, maybe in a funni way, but good try, gotta luv the amateur transplants

only one scene harsh

i made a london underground vid which i will post soon, mine features 99% graphics of all the things in the song but yours only has the menu and the door opening so its not so brilliant to watch especialy if you have heard the song lots of times.

Great Song

The song is awesome. But you need to get some better graphics to improve the vid.

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2.39 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
8:43 AM EDT
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