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Herd (Full)

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Well, I was going to wait until a later date to finish and release this version, but a lot of reviews for the pure code version are complaining about lack of sound. So cor blimey, I added some.
«««««« • • • »»»»»»
Arrow keys or WASD
«««««« • • • »»»»»»
The score you get for herding a sheep (/lost soul/hangglider) into the portal is based on the number of seconds remaining. The more seconds left, the higher the score.
Running into wolves (/angels/biplanes), which damages you, gets you points - but not as many as luring a wolf into the portal.
You lose points when a wolf destroys a sheep.
At Game Over, each sheep saved throughout play is worth 500 points.
If you complete all 20 levels, you will recieve a game completion bonus of 100000.
«««««« • • • »»»»»»
Hope you enjoy the game.
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very simple game...only relaxation...


simple concept...to simple...it was mind numbingly boring, i dont usually write bad reviews abot a game...but it bored me


i dont know what to think about this... it didnt hold my attention... its missing something... it has potential but it really needs something more.. just moving around got boring after oh... 3.5 minutes or so

cinda stoopid O_o

it was boring and made me like this -_-zzZ delet this, you cant make it better it too boring lolz O_o 0_o o_0o_O this is the look i give you if this game dosent make you like this = -_-zzZ

its was alright

i personly dont like this type of game play but this i like