The Pencil Indecent

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A short about what happens to a boy when he gets bored in class.

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magumbo responds:

omf i know. I bet you liked that syncing!


i love the preloader. it was off the jank. yeah... i liked that u were the voice of jesus too. that was cool and stuff. and i love pinball wizard. yeah. its good. vote 5!

magumbo responds:

yea I know it was off the jank, thats how I made it. That was albert playing pinball wizard.

err thing

meh i hav no idea where u got a storyline like that from. and such a stupid death. killed by pencils? in a ceiling? that fell on him? bcoz sum1 shouted?
i couldnt hear anything they were saying in heaven. their voices were so dull it made my mind go numb and i ended up not really listening

magumbo responds:

sorry you didnt like it. you should have listened it would have told you the meaning of life. Unfortunatly it is now too late. omg vote 5 on my next movie

Good God...

That was bad. The only good bits were the beginning intro and the end credits, the bit in between was bad.

Lip synch was unbelievably bad, the spelling was bad (it's 'Incident') and the voice actors were as dull as dish water.

My eyes are officially bleeding.

magumbo responds:

wow, thats really interesting. I made this movie a year ago the only thing that was new was the begining and the end. The syncing was off becasue of you and your internet.

It was Pretty bad

Ok well the intro was so slooooooooooooooooooow god it was slow lucky i didn't quit in the intro god that intro was slow and other than that it wasn't smooth abd animation and the sound didn't fit in also the voices wer eout

magumbo responds:

the off syncing was due to lag

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2005
1:45 AM EDT
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