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Mario's Hat-Napping

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All Characters Copyright Nintendo.
Yay. That's all I gotta say. Sorry for the bad cannon sounds. Enjoy! -Monk_09

BTW, this idea might have been taken, but it's my version of it. ^_^

Edit: ROFL I'm on the mario parodies section. Even though it's "plain weird", LOL, I'm a random person! Thanks Tom!

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Those birds<3<3<3 Great memories, good jod on the animation man, way to go. Could help to review some sound effects, but a great job whatsoever.

@Vaatithewindwarrior Mario shoots fireballs with firepower and he even does that in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Some advice:Fail at part 6.

Mario doesn't get Firepower when hes a racoon he gets to fly and stuff.before SMW was born he had the ability to fly with the leaf.in SMW its replaced with a cape thats much more of a fail then the ability to mash buttons to fly in the sky.


3 funny parts with luigi

Loading a bullet.
Projecting Mario on a warp pipe.
Not a big explosion.


where's the 2nd epesode tell me ok