Gangs DvD

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This is my first movie for quite a while! L8ly ive lost interest but ive got bak innit also cud u review this movie and the stolen happiness coz i like to know how 2 improve! thnaks peeps! Hope u enjoy these 5 minutes .

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Great job man! I really liked it.

not much sense

Didn't make a whole lota sense if any.

So he starts off looking like a stock brocker or sumthing then for some odd reason it takes him a time of 1 day to be stripped down to nuthing but shorts and a tie bandana. i'll leave the chipmunk alone seeing as how that was way too obvious. I don't mind the gatling UZI but where does he pull that 9mm from? did it come from his briefcase? because if it did y didn't he use it in the beginning. Speaking of the beginning it seems that he cares a helluva lot more about having a picnic than saving his chick (i'm assuming she was kidnapped before hand which would explain why he randomly pulls out a picture and starts to cry). Now...I am black and these do look like bluds and crips but what's a ninja doing there? And it's seems odd that sticks of dynamite with a fuse would have a timer but whatever...

ShaunDaSheep responds:

Excuse me u hipocrit i dnt see u makin ne movies so once u av got a good score then u can tell me state but not yet! k?

Good Movie

It was a good movie, but the graphics need to be fine tuned a little and it could do with a bit more explanation of the plot. Even though i say this the sounds were better than many animations and your style is really unique. Good luck for the future.


i bet youll get better as you get older..
and maybe youll grow out of rap to because rap sucks.
anyway good job.

kinda confusing

the movie is good but it gets confusing. also, when the guy falls hes falling for way too long. but not a bad flash

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2005
11:01 AM EDT
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