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Over There: Segment 1

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Note: Don't worry, it's only STARTS live. The rest of the series is entirely animated!

This is the first segment out of 5 that will be submitted for this movie. It was originally animated in 2000, but it just got an overhaul! It has re-written scenes, re-recorded vocals, it's been edited and given an original musical soundtrack! Please keep in mind that this was never meant to be viewed in pieces, so each segment may not be fully functional on its own... hopefully each one will be able to keep your interest. Don't worry, there is plenty of action to come! I will submit one each day.

UPDATE: The video quality is MUCH better and is 20% bigger!

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It's great to see this series start. It's weird to have this thing that allows you to change the time so easily when you really only have a few minutes of movie. The voices are great. I really do like the set up where you show everything with you guys at first. It's not really just that that's live-action. Well, I guess semantics can be weird.

I was wondering why he didn't have an arm. I like how they're aware that they're clay figures. Well, with a table like this it's only inevitable. That's where most klay stuff is. I appreciate how unique it is too.


i liked the chicken alarm clock and binocular parts... gotta respect the claymation as well very good

Really good claymation

Well story is a bit boring for me to be honest but I still see the good work in it and overall it is watchable. I just wish you had used a higher resolution because you ruin your own work with all those pixels when you stretch the movie. If you leave it at original size its way too small to see anything. Would like to see more details and no1 cares about loading times nowadays anyway.

Dustball responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! The resolution was a big issue when this was uploaded in 2005, NG used to have a 5MB limit, so I had to make each piece fit into that and the quality suffered. Nowadays video is so easy and second-nature it makes this old stuff look like crap. But I don't have time to go update all my old stuff. :)

no offence

i love clay mation and you did a realy good job but just not my kind of comedy il give you a 8 for the efort


i am an aspiring stop motion animator and this just shows how good you can be. thank you for inspiring me to improve upon my techniques. i have 2 questions 1. how far do you move your figures per frame? and 2. how long have you been doing stop motion?

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Aug 21, 2005
7:25 PM EDT