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Survivor: Hyrule

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Here, folks, is the Zelda/Survivor crossover that never needed to happen. This is just plain goofy, and if you don't get any of the humor, it's probably because you aren't drinking enough caffiene... or, because you haven't played the game before.

Even if you haven't, I hope you can enjoy the movie!

EDIT: Whoo! Front page! *celebrates with cake*
Guys, I know it's short! ^^ My schedule's about to get a lot tighter and I had to wrap it up. Even so, I hope I have time for on/off Flash work. Thanks for your votes/reviews.

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The nostalgia factor (I must've been in seventh grade when this was out) puts this above 3 stars, but the jokes didn't really connect with each other and the script seemed disjointed. Great visuals for the time.

I liked this, but not as much as most people. I guess I just find "Survivor" parodies to be kind of old. Then again, I haven't seen them in awhile. I can appreciate how good the animation is! It's generally funny. It just isn't one of my favorite Zelda parodies.

I've seen this in a lot of other places too. The music is really good too. It's just made in good fun. The voices seem to suit the characters well. Everything moves so fluidly.

Classic, and oh-so-quotable

If you like Zelda and laughing, this is for you. Been watching this since it came out, and all through school, every person I showed it to loved it and quoted it along with me. ^_^ It's totally awesome, one of the best Zelda spoofs ever. I once even screencapped Link with his little sign and made it my computer wallpaper. =D

Pure Genius

The mix of Survivor and Legend of Zelda is kickass.Great job

ah yes the drinking of poes?

i remember the first time i did that...i was trying to release it, then link drank it...iw as all like : WTF?!? lol