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All Locks Must Die

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This is a short flash that should inspire you to not be a Lock and stop them from polluting Newgrounds!
Hate mail goes here -> downwithlocks@yahoo.com
<3 mail goes here -> downwithlocks@yahoo.com

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locks are awsome!

good idea man

i just looked up locks and i saw the title, i did'nt actullay watch the movie but it sounds greats i hate locks and i am trying TRYING, to get a survey to blam locks and make NG lock free.

help please

PS: i will watch the movie later

thank you

i hate those damn locks they should shove a key up their ass holes

as if you're one to talk.

i'm tired of seeing damn retarded hate parodys like this one! all they do is mock members of a popular group. shit like this is worse than the stuff you call bad! things like the CC, LL,and foamy are crappily parodied everyday by people are worse. if you want to do something like this, make a point on why you hate them and wait until you are better than they are! dammit i'm getting tired of this...

fruits don't equal human

If u hate locks so much u need a better reason. A lot of people find their form of flashes funny. and if there is so "little" animation then how come they are becoming more and more powerful every day. maybe they are a copycat group of clocks but that's how they started. it was a joke on the clocks but then they made real flashes that were good. therefore u get an F- on your homework of flash research. i'm requesting a parent teacher conference and see me after class