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animorphs parody

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Author Comments

Well i hate animorphs and in case u don't know what it is i will tell u...animorphs is about stupid kids who change into animals to fight yeerks (stupid eh?) so anywho i created a funny parody which ends off killing the crew and the human race...ENJOY AND PLZ GIVE IT A GOOD RATING!

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really, really. There are only 3 reasons you could have posted this: 1 you really do hate animorphs(not likely). 2: you want people to think animorphs suck(Why!). Or 3 you just hate everything and you go around finding random seiris (sorry if i misspelled that) and try to lower its fans(what i think is going on here). and that is only the beginning of the insalt(might of misspelled that too)! This is the worst thing I`ve ever seen on the internt!(last misspell im going to point out so challange,find all the misspells!) and i`ve seen a viedo with no sound one sence that was 4 seconds long,4! your doing everything wrong! first the logic, first the animorphs dont turn in to poop they turn into animals! animals, animorphs, here something? second the yeerks are`nt huge potatos, they`re slugs! Also, they dont eat people (Visser Three does that) they go in your ear and take over your brain! Third, there are not just two animorph, there are 5. and not all over them are human. Tobias is a bird, forever. and now we leave logic and move onto grafics! really stick figures. how are you going to tell witch one is witch? with stick figure you wont know if the one "eaten" was Tobias (bird) or Cassie! no sounds no laughs (if there would be). If you want want to make your parody funny put in a sound! If you put in at leash a boing or something i bet your flash would might get A RATING! Also text. "um what did it say?" I bet thats what the first person said after watching this! if you want to make a text at least give the viewers SOME time to read it! oh and one more thing from logic, the yeerk should be a taxxon. so if there is one thing you learn from this is that you draw like a 2-year old and you hate random books for no reason. you probly just looked at the back and read the first 3 senteces.

honestly i just made a accont to type this. im reading the books right now more complants coming soon.

just like ever one else says, you suck animorphs rock!

P.S. i am not using curse words because i`m not alowed too. if i was this message would be 60% of them.

This video needs a desprate overhaul. The graphics look like they've been drawn by a six-year old, the animation is too choppy and overall terrible. It is very evident that you never read the books in the first place, so keep your opinions to yourself instead of making stick figures transforming into poop.

I... Don't Know What to Say

Well, this is pretty much awful in every way. The text often goes by too fast to read, the animation is poor, has no smoothing, and is so crudely done the methods used to animate it are shown very obviously. There's no sound at all, plus the graphics are stick figures drawn with the line tool that barely move at all and have no real dynamics. The humor style all in all is poor and empty of any real substance.

Animorphs was my favorite series as a kid, and it's still pretty damned good, and while I'm up for a parody any day, this was just awful, and seemed to have no real resemblance to the original.

... -.-

first off what the hell? if you are going to make a parody at least know some decent animation techniques.
second to call it a parody it need to at least resemble the thing you are copying, this could migth as well have been called "shitface cookie" And it would have made more sense.

no start and I hope this gets removed for lack of... well... everything.


the stick figures need improving.So does the yeerk.Read animorphs and try again.

Credits & Info

1.25 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2001
4:39 PM EDT