The Ambridge Mansion-Day1

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This game was an interesting experiment, I had fun with it. Although I've really wanted to get back into flash there is no way it's ever going to happen. If you do stumble upon this flash I hope enjoy it. I was pleased with the feedback I received. It would have been nice if I could have finished it.

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Awesome game and even after these past several years I STILL wish this would be finished. What made you give up on Flash anyways? Especially this piece of art?

So sad you only made 2 out of the planned 7, this game was great for all the right reasons.

great game. even though i abused the walkthrough. so the man went crazy and tried to tell his son to not repeat his mistakes, lest the darkness kill him. the noises are the demons inhabiting the mansion and they are hell bent on killing the player. right?

I'm having trouble with this.

Even once I have the candles and the matches, even after I place a candle in the dark room (off the starting hall) and light it i keep on getting dead end messages.
It's kind of annoying. I manage to circumvent it for a few seconds at a time by clicking where the Inventory button should be... but someone kindly tell me whats going on with that.


This game is scary as hell at certain points I almost pissed my pants. All around awesome point and click horror game, I hope It stays on newgrounds forever.