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The Ambridge Mansion-Day1

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This game was an interesting experiment, I had fun with it. Although I've really wanted to get back into flash there is no way it's ever going to happen. If you do stumble upon this flash I hope enjoy it. I was pleased with the feedback I received. It would have been nice if I could have finished it.

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This game scared the absolute fuck out of me. I suffered a major emotional breakdown when I was younger due to how bad it is. Congrats dude, you made something that games of today never did all that much. This was just a legendary game. I consider this the scariest thing I played and I played Exmortis 2 and finished that and still this made me scared. Even at 30 almost 31 and it still is giving me pause. Holy hell that doll room.... you genius. Distracting us with farts and killing us when it is revealed they aren't innocent.

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Man I remember this so well. Looking back on it now it was cheesy but good. I'm not sure why you never finished it but I think 7 games in the same exact house would have been difficult to keep fresh.

It says something that a game with such simple art can scare the holy howling cr@p out of me as bad in broad daylight with people around as it could back when I was a 15 year old hiding under my bedsheet with a junky old laptop.

Came back for one last round before the 2020 curtain drops...and to say I always wished you had been able to remake/finish this series. It had serious potential. Thank you much for what there was.

This is still a beautiful game, and only wished you had finished it. I do wish you luck on whatever it is you work on now.