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Endless Dream: Episode 2

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Thank you to all the people who gave me ideas on how to make my animation better. The next one im going to make is going to be better than this one.

I fixed the text so it will flow better with the movie.

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Not the best..

I'm glad you're still going with these movies, and went on to eventually end the series, and I'll submit further review as I go. People like Asophis surely were no help to you. That aside, the art is good, better than I could do, and it's not so much about that as it is that you got your point across. Though I'm not in total agreement with the bit at the end, it's a fun thing to look at and go, "Huh..that's interesting." It made me think, and I appreciate that. Keep up the good work.

Your Grammar was Much Better this time but...

This flash STILL sucked. The story is as shallow as ever, and I thought that whenever the dorky kid, Nick, changed direction that the sky and landscape were supposed to change color? Whatever, the REAL point of this review is to tell you that manga sucks, anime sucks, and that whole drawing style is as unoriginal today as it will be in the future, so hurry up and create your own style before somebody MURDERS you! It's for your own safety, man! They might be near you now!! HURRY!!!

I LOVE it!!

I love your stuff(x3) dont... change.. ANYTHING!!

Dont add voices, either. that would break the effect.


this was nicely well done except for the end

man that ending left me wanting to know more...
thats how books, animation, and anyhing else that will be done in multiples should end CLIFFHANGERS

Tenkiboi responds:

Thanks a lot. Cliffhangers are one the key element to continue a serie. Thanks for the review, I have a new episode out come and watch it.


This was pretty neat.However maybe the intro text's could be cut off abit so the movie fits more to the track?I mean so the track doesn't end before the movie does.Cool choice of music too hehe ;)

Some voices in this and it would rock even more ;)


Tenkiboi responds:

I have all your music burnt into a cd; you should publish and sell it. Yeah that animation was a little too slow and needed more animation. Im gonna work on my next one, and I might use your songs again cause theyre so awesome!