Simple Cursor Tutorial

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More and more people join NG each day, and each one is a budding flash artist. I know exactly what it feels like to be a 'n00b' so I thought I could help.



That script isn't as efficient as some other ways. That drags the cursor, having some "lag time" between the movement and the time the cursor takes to get there. Put this on the MC instead:

this._x = mouse._x;
this._y = mouse._y;

It's something like that, but ti makes for a better cursor.

Onto the review.

Graphics: 6, sometimes an overuse of Gradients, and very basic, but gets the job done. Plus, lower than 5 would be mean. :D My advice is to not use a "color-to-black" or a "color-to-white" gradient, they are too rash and don't look good. And when using Gradients to try and blend, try and remove the lines. There is also an option to blend it without a gradient, it is "Soften Fill Edges", Modify>Shape>Soften Fill Edges. Play around with the settings and you will get a great result. Better than a plain circle, anyways.
Style: 7, countless, countless, countless tutorials covering the same thing. This looks like it could have been made in about an hour. Probably less. Next time, spend a coule days on your tutorial, making it look as good as possible and try and experiment with some new techniques.
Sound: 8, I am not a HUGE fan of Heavy Metal, and it really distracted me from the tutorial, but I liked it. Nice taste in music. A good type of music, though, for tutorials is Ambient or Trance type music, they are usually subtle and blend more, allowing the user to focus on the actual tutorial.
Violence: 0, this was a tutorial, there was no violence! Although a couple buttons fighting each other at the end would be pretty funny :D
Interactivity: 9, God damn it is a tutorial, what did you expect? Also, it would help if the buttons looked a bit better. But hey, I'm not complaining.
Humor: 0, It was a tutorial, as far as I saw ther wasn't much humor in it. But I'll be nice and give you 3 points for this tutorial to be n00b friendly.
Overall: 7, I think you should explain what each and every line of the script does seperately, instead of just letting every n00b on earth copy&paste. It doesn't help anyone.

Good luck with future Tutorials!

very informative

hey, it's good. very informative. and heavy metal rulz


I find this completly pointless. I just dont get why you whould post somthing like this.

Annoying and not too deep

First of all, the music was annoying, if you want people to learn something dont put music that distract them, or just put a button to turn the music off.

Another matter is was only three pages long without nothing really advanced to learn, there is no word about how to make a cursor interact with a button for example.

Another cursor tutorial???

Jeez people it's been done. Get an original thought or don't submit flash at all. There are hundreds of cursor tutorials already on this site, and yours doesn't have anything unique or special to stop me from using them. And a lot of them look nicer too.

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Aug 16, 2005
10:03 AM EDT
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