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Beatles "All Your Base"

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What is this I don't even.

There is like no Beatles in the audio, just a bunch of pictures and the old base song.

Beatles+All Your Base=huh?

Wow i really don't know what to make of this but i really didn't get much laughing out of it but it was silly for the most part then again anything that involves the Beatles makes it cool regardless so you win by default. :P

White album

Why was it a picture of the white album, instead of just words on a white screen? But it was good


Being a fan of the Beatles n all, I'd say this was a fair attempt, but some things about this just don't...work.
the writing doesn't even fit in some of the pictures....
and the speech bubbles in some of the photos defies the whole purpose of AYB...

Not bad at all...

The altered album covers were funny, and the whole concept was interesting.

Coulda been a bit shorter.

Polish the images up a bit.

All in all, not bad.