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The Breakup

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NOTICE (EDIT): Although this is the only full flash movie I've finished, I do not consider it to be exceptional, or even up to par with MY standards. Please don't take it seriously.

A short movie I threw together during my spare time in the last few weeks. It's rushed, so don't expect too much. O_o Enjoy, and happy Clock Day! :]

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Hmmmm I remember this flash.

Wow It's a lot different then I remember it. I got to say right off the bad I love how funny this is (well duh) I mean you think it's gonna be all serious at first but then comes a joke and then another and then it becomes more light hearted as the movie goes on. I like that :)

In short another Clock day classic

:) long title

the clock crew is way better than lock legion because all their flashes are funny, and they arent confusing because they dont tell stories of their crazy history. I like clock crew
.and it still says my summary is not long enough wtf

very well-done, very good!

a very fun, enjoyable submission, with great action, humour, and the laugh's and horror's of break=up! i-i
would LOVE if there was a ''ending selection'', but the fact tht u added one, was personally, hillarious, and i laughe'd alot, mayn.OH OH, also great work with the acts of ''renvenge'', and ''flash back of '(bringin' the news) to peeps''
in short: great flash backs, about SBC's, insensitivities, and childish manners.

and, quite fluid animation. loved the way the clockfaces were moviing, along with the rain.
even the disgusting part with the pet was excellently done. great work., my scat-boye!

good thing you added subtitiles, this made this, alot more enjoyable,and fun to watch.
thanks, 5/5 not your best work? i do not THOUGHT of that. rocks

Another great Clock Day flash!

I thought this was extremely well done, as it was so nice to have good animation. I even took time to notice the way the raindrops hit StrawberryClock. I have to admit it was interesting to think you were able to choose the ending when in fact it was just the same. I think this is also one of the rare times we see a lot of romance in the Clock Crew, especially dealing with StrawberryClock himself.


(choosing strawberry's fate) Wait a minute! Nobody gives a shit about what ou have to say!