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CC Fight '05

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Happy ClockDay!

This movie wasn't originally intended to be submitted, however in the spirit of the season I felt the need to add it to my repertoire. I ask that my audience take it as it is - a fun animation that was originally created for college applications, to showcase what I can do with frame by frame animation. It has very little sound, no color, and no real thought. With that said, please enjoy Orange vs. CarrotClock.

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Nice animation.

It was pretty short but it had nice animation to it and it was also quite funny too.

hey, cool. nice

pretty cool, i like. make it longer, man

Good fight!

There are not sound and it's too short.


that was good.
but the same time i was watching this, i was listening to music.
and i thought 'The progidy-Voodo people' would sound good to this.
just a suggestion. ^_^

Despite the lack of sound...

I really liked that, you should make it longer and inclue more sound and that would be a big hit :O

Why is it that all the clock movies are getting more and more depressing and represent the clock crews death, can we not bring back the laughs that I everyone had when Strawberry submitted the .swf's that annoyed everyone :( *sigh* those were the days. Please tell me what's driving everyone to make these kind of movies, Some are quite sad...

I understand that the original CC may not want all the people joining them but we should all unite as a big crew and make amazing flash together.. :O Wouldn't it B good

Please bring back the old laughs...MBC