Raines and Mr T

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Recently, my best friend and aspiring actor, G. Raines Carr, bumped into Mr T at a mall in L.A. Knowing Raines, and Knowing what I would say to Raines were I Mr T, this is how their conversation may have gone.



That was a very lazy attempt at flash, poor visual quality photos with moving mouth does not count as animation in my book, yeah it's movement, but it has no artistic, or comedic value, and it shows a complete lack of effort.

WTF that wasn't funny at all!

Sorry but if this was under judgement, I would have blammed it. Its cool that your friend met Mr T but thats beside the point. The flash only lasted about 5 seconds anyway.

A pasted image with mouths moving

It was just a picture of some guy(I'm assuming ti was you) with Mr. T and you had the mouths moving along to some dialogue, it was jsut completely pointless and I didn't find it funny at all.

Yeah, brilliance, if you fling your own feces.

Too short, too dumb, you're too narcisstic. too tired to write anything more. thanks fucknuts.

MR. T eats grits...

and i'm a dumbass cracker.

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Jun 24, 2000
1:36 AM EDT
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