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URTUM TR33!!?? LOL!!1

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I was deeply touched by the NG movie "Autumn Tree" so I decided to make a movie that further explains the pain people in todays schools go through.

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well it was interesting FO-SHOW ;D

MonsterMunchClock responds:

Suck it or shut up

That was hilarious

It's a pretty good quick parody of Autumn Tree and the reason the whole subject matter was approached with a light touch rather than a serious touch is because it is a movie to get a rise out of autumn tree fanboys.

The speed up emo music and the very silly stick figure like graphics in general but i would have been interested in seeing this style do a full on shot by shot parody of autumn like a ten minute movie for example.

It would likely work but this spoof works too.


MonsterMunchClock responds:

The Gayest Showdown is the best movie ever

Donkey anus

somtimes men with small penises make videos so that monkeys become turnips, this is why the world is only eight inches tall, but with the right combination we can all turn blue.

MonsterMunchClock responds:

Who let you out the hospital dad?

you're a prick

I know you're obviously some dumb immature 13 year old with nothing to do but make fun of everything in the world but how would you feel if you lost a friend or a brother or a kid in this and then saw this piece of crap?
go die

MonsterMunchClock responds:

I'd stick my little finger in my ass and masterbate myself to ectasy then phone the mayor with a job proposal.

Only bad people and athiests die in school shootings, its science.


I think if those emo kids stopped being emo then nobody would hate them so much and they wouldn't have to shoot up their schools like that.

MonsterMunchClock responds:

Americans suck at dodging bullets