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Moany the squirrel

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Dedicated to the clock crew, on this beautiful clock day '05.

This is basically just an abstract illustration of the poor quality animating, poor quality graphics, poor quality fuckin' everything on Illwillpress movies. Mine's funnier than his. Far funnier. And I wrote this on a lazy afternoon.

I made this a long time ago - the 13th of March 2004, apparently, according to when I first submitted it (lololol) and, on Clock Day '05, with that flash being readily available to submit again with everything getting through, I thought, why not? Yeah, I was totally the guy everyone hated on that day. Fuck you.

Thank you and goodnight. Enjoy the movie. Anything bad is SUPPOSED to be like that. There is also no point in using the poorness of my flash to defend Illwillpress, for I don't pretend to be anything else, I don't have a successful flash series that shouldn't be successful, I don't whore t-shirts - it's a totally different thing altogether. Illwillpress is perhaps one shade better at animating than I am in this, and I can animate way better than this (and Illwillpress) no problem.

The words, since people aren't hearing them (I guess you shouldn't read this until you've watched it because I am the master at comic timing:

"Good evening, bitches, it is, I, your lord and master, Moany the Squirrel. It has come to my attention that a lot of Newgrounds animators have been making shitty rip-offs of the Neurotically Yours series, making me sound like a deranged squirrel who tweens around the screen. To them, I say, fuck you! If I had a mouth, I would suck your dick, or, if you had a mouth, I would suck your... never mind, buy a t-shirt."

"I also don't like Germaine, because she is the only person people want to see, and all this about people wanting to see her naked - Illwillpress has never given anyone that impression! What kind of clever marketing ploy is this?"

"I also like dog porn. Fight the power!"

Damn I was a funny bastard even when I was loads younger

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not much to say

turn down the mic volume that the only issue i had. nice parody at least i think it was one

Earfetish responds:

actually it's an unreleased iwp movie

wierd and really jsut weird

disturbing in a funny way?

Earfetish responds:

freaky shit

Foamy sucks...

Well played, sir ;p

Earfetish responds:

yaaaaay boiii

i dont know where to start.

number one foamy is way better than you ever dreamed of being. the sound quality was terrible. but it wasn't worse than the animation. I could see through his head. you made no effort in making this flash. not only that but you stole a storyline from one of their episodes. i am reporting this flash to newgrounds.

Earfetish responds:

what the fuck are you talking about? Part of the purpose of parody is to exaggerate, and I was *slightly* exaggerating how shit Foamy flashes are in the animation department, because they're fucking shitty. And I spent AT LEAST 15 minutes thinking up the script and finding a pen, and the animation was another 10, that's... let's see... infinity more times than you've spent on any of your animations. And I didn't steal the storyline from IWP, this flash doesn't even have a fucking storyline. Have fun reporting me, I'll be having more fun chewing out your mum.

Spot on parody, old bean...

However, the voice wasn't really obnoxious enough to capture the Foamy zing... Perhaps a series of filters on the audio?

Earfetish responds:

thank you sir, I will remember your advice for next time