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[CC] The Console - Part 1

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This is part 1 of my epic flash animation, The Console. 5 Minutes and 6 milliseconds of uber coolness! Expect part 2 soon. Happy Clockday!

UrchinClock is a sexy devil. - From Urchin <3

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I know It's not a band.

This was good. To bAD You arent making anouther 1.

MilkshakeClock responds:

eh, you never know. i might all of a sudden get the muse to do another flash.

Where is it?

You promised part 2 by clockday 2006 it is been a more than a month since then.I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!Respond please!

MilkshakeClock responds:

its not gonna happen, i lack the motivation to do anything and i dont even know what could happen in it.


This was incredibley funny, like there were so many "B" jokes and there was humourous moment after humourous moment etc. It was non-stop. (haha "B" in the stars) ^_^

But I did notice a problem, when I review any flash I watch a small portion then pause it and write a little bit of the review but this time the music didn't stop so when I went back to watch the music was out of sync and everything was just off.

The artwork was really good as always, you have some talent with that. =)

The whole Pube muppet scene I thought was stupid, if I had the chance I would just ignore that entire scene, it was by far the least entertaining for me.

The second last scene with the two clocks in the room talking about pokemon the subtitles were white and the rooms wallpaper was very light blue so a few of the words got cut off.

Yanno, this really reminds me of RupeeClocks submissions, you two are by far my favourite clock artists. *adds*

Anyway overall I thought this was really good, I don't mean to sound too critical but I'm sure you've heard enough praise. 4/5
Oh btw, since you keep responding I guess I'll keep reviewing, thanks!

MilkshakeClock responds:

1. I don't remember many of those B jokes. I can only remember the pokemon ones. I haven't watched this for at LEAST 6 months, lol.

2. The sound gets out of sync because there was so much, and it was over 18 fps. I know how to get around it, so that wont happen again.

3. Wow. People say i suck at art =p

4. Pube muppet takes a certain sence of humor to laugh at. I guess you're much more mature than me ;p

5. White suited most of the flash. And i was much more nooby, unlime now.

6. Awwwww <3<3<3

Thanks dude. People like you keep me from going slit slit every day.


I laughed hard at this!

That littel pube guy makes me laugh every time

MilkshakeClock responds:

Then you are going to absolutely love pretty much everything on http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/search.php?terms=pube+muppet&kind=j&x=0&y=0


I know it isnt clock day yet but can you submit a second part?, liked thise 1 pretty mutch

MilkshakeClock responds:

Part 2 is still in concept. Which is pretty shit considering i aimed to release it 6 weeks ago. Clockday's probably going to be when i'm going to do it, that leaves me 5 months to make it totally awesome.