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ClockDay Stuff 2

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Like last year, i knew i wouldn't miss out. I spent a few weeks on a Cool Things, then realised i didn't have enough time to make a real ClockDay movie, and converted it. Please vote fairly, and don't vote 0 because "o0mg a clok". Apart from that, i hope you enjoy, and happy Clockday <3

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Alright quality animation was pretty good

I can't believe the rating isn't higher! Granted, it's not great, but it's certainly better than most Clock Day flashes. Well, some that have higher ratings at least. I actually did like the animation. It reminds me of someone else. Well, maybe it is from you.

I think it was similar to a series called "Duck Luck". Something duck related? Maybe that was you. Happy Clock Day (very late)! It's my brother's birthday today too.

Reminds me of DrunkMagikoopa flashes.

That was quite random but still well made with the animation and syncing of everything,i got a pretty good kick out of it especially good old J.R

System of a Down ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Nice song! My personal favorite song of theirs is probably B.Y.O.B. The movie was great. I love the animation and I am very curious about that picture what was on it? The ending was probably the best.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!

Best. Loading. Screen. Ever.

This look like something Splapp did, and he is a damm good drawer. So are you. Good work, more of this please!

AubergineLock responds:

I'll look him up, thanks for the compliments.