Cosby Clock Fun Dance '05

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The only clock famous for clubbin' people with his Kodak camera.

Club Nouveau's "Lean on Me"
Haddaway "What is Love"

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Was Cosby meant to be evil? Now we all know he is. Then again, he is kind of forgotten because of the Metoo hashtag. Arguably Harvey Weinstein is worse. Then again, Cosby is more famous. Everybody's doing that.

This wasn't much. It was just two quick gags. I think that's fine for Clock Day. What made 2005 so active for the crew? It was the first time there were collections for the holiday.

Crude and pointless

Completely unfunny and won't interest anyone.

Evil Cosby!

Ugh so many faces of evil the CDI system should have tooken Bill Cosby in consideration of a video game character from what the flash portrayed,though i did get a laugh out of it.

pure intellectual stuff

I like the great philosophic ideas behind this... this flash contains the wisdom of generations, and able to touch something deep feeling inside me... I love this, and love the deep message from it... pure, simply and beautiful... yay, thats SHIT DUDE! :D


is worth 10.