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Milk Needed

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Flash for Clockday 2005.
Dammit! I'm not on the Clockday 2005 Page. Oh Well.
Milk Found... Coming Soon.
Check the status of Milk Found by reading my Profile Comments.
As all Clocks say, "B"

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So yes ICSC

Well first of all, when i first saw the preloader squashed up i was quite dissapointed, and made me just want to immediatly vote 0 and close this flash down. But i decided to be nice, and wait kindly.

Then i got to the flash, firstly the 'stars' were like total shit, and i was throwing up just looking at them. Then i got to the ground and i saw:
1. A shitty 'road'
2. A milkshake with a clock that was squashed
3. A clock on a milkshake which was far too big and
4. A shitty (almost random) shape tween on the clock, which was frequently spinning around and leaving the milkshake.

I got out my vomit bucket, and then continued on with the flash. I was very suprised and confused to see 2 hands randomly appear, which of course didn't actually suit the MilkshakeClock. The edges were not alpha'd down, which quite confused me and dissapointed me too. The door was also squashed, and it didn't appear to lead to a house.

When the 'door' 'opened' i starting laughing and vomiting when it 'hit' milkshake, and with an incredibly shitty low FPS tween knocked him to the ground without a sound effect. I emptied out my vomit bucket since it had already overflown, then continued on. Once again, when mocha talked he had the crappy shape tweens, as did the ice cream soda.

When the music came on i was pleasently suprised to hear a song by the band 'Allister', but then i was dissaponited to see shitty shape tweens that didn't match each other. I once again emptied out my vomit bucket and continued.

From here on in the masking improved greatly, although i was dissapointed to see the RETURN OF RANDOM HANDS! (which looked bad).

When they started dancing i thought it was quite amusing, but until the camera when back to ICSC, i saw for one frame his straw change directions and go back. I didn't vomit, i just roflled. After peeing my pants 6 times continuously and rolling into my vomit bucket i decided to take a shower, then continue.

Then when they left the club (right as soon as it was getting good, bad idea.) the shitty masking started again. There was also another bad thing, as they appeared to have left mocha's house, when in fact they were at a club. Not cool. Once mocha fell down milkshakes clock became too big again, and i vomited all over my new clothes. Not cool.

Then i was relieved to see the flash finish with a crappy finish screen.

Verdict: Average, but i fived and ten'd cause i know you in real life and you're a clock.

asianhead responds:

Ok, just to let you know, this WAS my first flash (in Flash 7 anyway)
Also, I was running outta time when I got to the bit with the featured song "Boysenberry" by "Allister", and as for the shape tweens, it was meant to be a form of lip sync which obviously went totally wrong, and I'm sure that the FPS was only a shitty 12, so that explains the bad slow motion tween. As for the clocks being to big, there is no actual manual for the Object to Clock Ratio, and as for Milkshake being squashed, I apoligise I suppose.
The main thing is, it doesn't really matter cos everyone post's random shit in on clockday, just look at "oh canada clock" by some random noobface.


if you can't beat'em.........join'em i guess. hey, at least i'm getting save points :S

asianhead responds:

Thats right bitch, join the Clock Crew