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Strawberry's Gym

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My second movie I submitted to newgrounds. I'm kind of embarassed to watch this now, but I decided to keep it just because it was my clockday movie and all. The story is a little crappy and the animation is slow, boring, ameturish etc. There was supposed to be a sequal which was scrapped after I lost intrest.

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Its a good clock movie and you definitely should NOT remove it. It has some good ideas and is perfectly good Clock humour.

Poor old TC !

this actually was not bad

the building montage was the song from the regular show

So funny

It is great to see Pube Muppit again, especially as he tries to stop himself from doing his usual routine. There were certainly a lot of things going on. I especially liked how you had so many visual gags, like the cogs turning in the Clock's heads. Another funny line was how StrawberryClock sarcastically said it was genius to make it say, "gaycino". I do now ask myself something that I wish I had thought of before. Why is Pube Muppit talking in that Speakophone voice when he is not a clock?


very nice!