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Clock day: TETRIS!

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Author Comments

thank you thank you. special <3<3<3<3 to all the reviewers out there for your praise.

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Well done for owning up!

i trust you will be making some good stuff to make up for this!

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

i learned a lot since i submitted that thing. right now ive just been fooling with flash to impress some easily impressed friends of mine.

It made me laugh for a bit.

The first minute made me laugh I don't no y but it was just funny.

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

probably made you laugh out of it's retardedness. I have learned a lot since I sent this in, I'm looking for a chance to prove myself soon.

This needed a pity point for a 1

I gave the sound a 8 because I LOVE TETRIS.

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

yeah, submitting this was one of the stupidest things i ever did. I still can't believe i posted this 5 minute turd. i agree music was the only good part. I'm going to start making a serious submission somtime soon.


all tetris pieces have 4 blocks, the long ones had 5....
the only think you managed to get right was the music

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

if you seriously remember every single detail from a game that came out that long ago you have serious issues...don't blame me that my NES stopped working years ago.