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Finger's Clockday Movie!!

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Happy Clockday everyone!

I pulled this one off in less than a day. Hope you like it!

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Wel that was interesting :3

I just loved how they mention someone dying wait a few seconds and them oh well party time! Thats it nothing else short and sweet.

And i guess that covers it for this obscure clockday movie

A pretty sweet clock flash.

And damn impressive to be pulled off in less than a day to be honest with ya so i'll take that into consideration,the animation was solid and the funny way defenetly there,great job for it being made in less than 24 hours.

Heh heh

The graphics in this flash were good. Nice animation here. The sound, music and the speakonia voices. This flash, I had a bit of a laugh at this flash. The part when Finland said someone was killed, but Golden, Finger and Mouserz went in the building anyway (so did Finland) and decided to party for clock day, heh. Nice work on this flash!

/Mathias Andersson


i dont c y other ppl thought it suked i loved it aspecialy the ending

WEll (guess who i am ) = )

that suked michael lu, it was ok actually... no sound really laggy and absolutely NO plot. shoulda been 4 overall but 5 cuz you suk michael lu