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GWIC - It's Clock Day!

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Happy Clock Day!

Everyone knows Guesswho_Improved Clock is a flustered kind of guy... Also, he lives in a flat. Now he forgot to make a movie for Clock Day! But Guesswho_Improved Clock wouldn't be Guesswho_Improved Clock if he didn't try to fix his mistake...

Something I neglected to put in the credits: Guesswho_Improved Clock's design originally thought up by TREECLOCK. <3 <3


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I'm the best!

It is always great to see what Clocks put up for Clock Day. I thought some really funny parts were probably just looking at Pube Muppet with his penis. I recognize him as being drawn in that style from the "I'm A Scat Man" video of yours. It was really cool to throw in all those references on the screen at once. I love the cartoony edge of this, particularly with how Guesswho_ImprovedClock runs. Yeah, I thought I had seen all clocks, but I was introduced to yet another new kind of clock.

I could be mistaken....

but i do believe that was a direct goatse tribute in there somehweres.

beep boop boop bwap


Heh, it was real cool how the clocks actually were based on your computer's time :D

Try it, during the movie, change the system time, and the clocks will match the computer's time.

The pwness

This is some leet shit. Maybe it could have been longer.

Anyways, what voice did you use?


Thats so f*cking sweet

What voice program did you use? doesnt sound like speakonia