The Sun Glock Series Pt.3

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I'm back. This time the theme was awesomeness. So expect everything to be awesome like me, Sun Glock. And leave reviews.

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Hmm..."the Glock group" eh?

I dunno. Its certainly an improvment on the others, I 'll give you that.
Now I'm not saying its bad, it isnt, but it isnt that great either.

Graphics, not too bad, that Bugs was a trace wasn't it? The carrot was good, kudos for the carrot. The face overlay I found bloody funny for some reason, mabye its because its 12 o'clock...or it could be your incredible talent, not sure which.
Sound...the music was alright in the first one and suited the shorty one. The voice clip in Wade was decent...But I have to say this...that clip at the menu drives me crazy, it really hurts my ears could you atleast think of stopping it from repeating itself, please?!?!?
Violence, they get shot, yeah.
Interactivity, n/a.
Style...I like shorts (short movie clips, not boxer shorts) and you dont do to bad a job at it in this flash, they're unique to say the least.
Humor. Well, the first part was good, the second part was old but still funny, the last one wasnt funny but was still not bad...The third one...was horrible...just really stupid, if it was that by itself it would be one the same level as Ribbachile, ... lucky it isn't.

Overall a lot better than the previous installments but could still use a fair amount of improvment. I have to say if I could, I'd give it a 4.5378 or something. A five out of ten. Good luck with future works.



That was awesome keep it up guys

heres ur reveiw

no1 thats not in ur group, a clone, or retarded in some way shape or form likes ur stuff. oh well one day we will all be dead, likely burning in hell. might as well just say u need to put more effort in ur work. ok i never posted anything, because my flash sucks, so if it sucks, just dont post at all. <3

sunglock responds:

I see your getting smarter. You didn't use that "cheated your way into the portal" line this time. Next time, maybe you'll be one of our numerous non-glock fans.

I give all eights cause that's what you deserve.

This not overly violent and funny, but it's still great. I like what happened to that rabbit, I like the Shit response, and well, everything is good. Not top notch, but it's up there. I would say change the music for the menu, but I guess it's part of the style, so don't.
If you hate Bugs Bunny with a passion, watch this.
If you love Bugs Bunny with a passion, dont watch.

sunglock responds:

coolie cool

7's Across the Board

Not bad, not bad. But, you do know those are Springfield Xtreme Duty pistols and not Glocks you're using as your logos/buttons right?

sunglock responds:

Yeah, springfield XD-40. We still like how it looks, though.

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1.25 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2005
7:53 PM EDT
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