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MOH:The Animation

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This is my second attempt at animation. I did it frame by frame and it's rather short because tweening sux. It was inspired by the game Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. If you like WW2 or MOH, you may find it funny.

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Just good.

Good story, and nice detail on the weapons. The weapons featured:
- M1 Garand
- M1 Thompson
- Karabiner 98k

ViolentAJ responds:

Thanks :). I'm a fan of WW2 weapons.

cool and lol do more

hey its really funny and u draw nicely the thompson, the M1 Garand,and the Carabine

It was ok.

This is pretty good for you second animation. Though I'm not sure that the old WW2 uniform and M1 Grands are still used in Feburary 2007. More plot could also be added since the movie. Also improve the sounds and the tweening and this could be great. Hope you can make some good movies in the future.

ViolentAJ responds:

Thanks. It is based on a game of MOH that I played though.

Accurate 4 the most part, but a terrific start.

Only problem i can see in accuracy is the black guy. the usa segregated their troops, so there were divisions of all white people and all black people, but what the hell the usa haz never been fair. good flash anyway!

ViolentAJ responds:

I know. Thing is, this is just based on a game of Medal of Honour that I played. In that game, one of the ksins is a Black guy, and I am Black in RL. I know about the segregated units though. Thanks for the comment!


semi-automatic bolt-action rifle. lolololololol!!1

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3.35 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2005
3:10 AM EDT