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JJ - Time Trials 1

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Author Comments

Welcome to the first ever Jew Jihad Time Trials! With parts by..

StrawberryJew AppleJew TvJew IshmalJew and SporkJew!

Also introducing the newest group, the JEW JIHAD!


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Please,Please,PLEASE stop this! I respect all religions, But This is too much! Clocks, and locks, are fine, But now we have Glocks, and the Barney bunch! Please stop copying clockcrew's work...please..
And no, I'm not saying this as a rasist, I'm saying this for the clockcrew. Try something different...

So i sais to Hitler i sais

gas them jews. <3

cant you be original?

your first mistake was copying the clocks and locks (i dont know which came first but the other copied just like this one) who suc anyway, secondly not only did you copy the characters but you cloned the flash layout, that isnt even good just a sad attempt at being heard, and finally dont hate on the jewish their fricken awsome

yay metalllica!

metallica rocks awesome choice of music but damn you all with your horrible horrible flash! damn you! you dirty jews! you crazy god damned dirty crazy jews!


i'm actually reviewing snowball_locks review more than the movie. i think it's funny how a knock off of shit (the lock legion) is making fun of the jew jihad. i mean come on none of you are good and i think the jew jihad is the funniest because it actually makes fun of something. (thats a horrible thing for me to say)
frankly i think all of the CC GG LL JJ WHATEVER you guys are, are weird.

it's not that creative putting a lock or a clock on the front of a fruit or something and taking a shitty computer voice.... maybe i'm missing something

tell you the truth there are the FEW clock movies that actually take time with art and what not (i think mostly by strawberry clock)

anyway i think the jew bank is funny. but there isn't a lot in this movie. sorry.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2005
2:20 AM EDT