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Chair Attack - The Movie

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The Best Movie Of All Time.

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Good in a way, bad in the other

It's got ok graphics and the sound is reasonably good, but it wasn't funny...



tom hanks really IS a wanker.

I thought your graphics kind of sucked and your sound kind of sucked too. but it made me laugh! If it weren't for that other stuff you'd have yourself a great little movie. I wish Tom Hank's penis would turn into an inferno!

Not what I'd define as a "good movie"

That was pretty lacking in most aspects.

Graphics: Blocky, averagely drawn, mostly unanimated characters against drab scenery. 3/10

Style: The movie-esque presentation was original I guess. 5/10

Sound: The voice acting was crackly, but the Rome: Total War music added some needed atmosphere. 8/10

Violence: Tom Hanks' penis burns. And there's some swearing. 2/10

Interactivity: None whatsoever, not even a play/replay button.

Humor: None of the jokes made me laugh, though the concept of the movie made me smile a little.

Overall: I'm guessing this wasn't meant to be a real test of your flash animating capabilities, and wasn't meant to be particularly thrilling/funny, so I guess you were asking for a below-average rating. I doubt you care though, and I can't really blame you for that. :) 4/10


mega GUG!