Xiao Xiao No. 4

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Virtua Cop fans will enjoy this 3D shooter!

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I remember this game just because of its intro sequence.

I remember this being on so many websites back in the day, And I remember playing it over and over to the fact that my sister wouldn't agree with me playing it on this site. [Back then I was pretty young.]

Reminds me of so many classic arcade games. And I'm glad this aged well

pew pew blood pew

Omg Xiao Xiao Bizarre Adventure is the best collection!

Nice game

So this here was a nice game the 3-D effects on this are pretty good some really nice detail in this game and I had some fun here so nice job indeed hope to see more from you in the near future.


Xiao Xiao meets Virtua Cop in this game and the combination is awesome. There could be more color, and there should be a way to slow down the shooting scenes. However, this nostalgic game is still very fun.