Cath the rings (Mic game)

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Use the microphone to control your movement and to must collect as many rings as possible. There are also powerups which will grow or shrink you so watch out

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zom you!!!! i was just working on something like

this.... then out of bordem i decide to check to see if anyone has done it... suprise suprize(you did!!!!! >=( )
anyways good work, i rly want to see how the scripting looked like, mine was an epic fail.

none of my hittests worked for some strange reason. FFS. other than the fact that ou beat my idea into a frikken pulp, good game, loads of points for goin outside the box, 10/10 reveiw, 5/5 vote.


2 people have submitted this now... You and Your_biggest_fan.
You are working together I see. I cant see why you submittedthis twice since its so RUBBISH!!!!!!
all my 0's are blong 2 this.
My work here is done.

its a split decision

its a fun concept, but hard to play, and understand. i gave sound a ten. while i hate limp bizkit, making my own sound gives it a ten for interactivity. violence-1 because i flipped out and ripped the mic off my head when i couldnt find it out. (just kidding.) interactivity 10 for an obvious reason. there should be a pet sim like this. humor ten because it was funny hearing myself scream. overall six cause i couldnt figure it out.


that was pretty good and the music was awsome, good job!!!

Ninja-chicken responds:

yeah this took me half an hour MAX the source code is free is anyone wants it just email me

de ja vu...

Someone mind telling me why the fuck this was blammed the first time? The guys worked his ass off to be creative in Flash here FFS... like I said the first time I reviewed this... great concept and if this gets blammed again somehow you guys are frankly bloody morons... so you don't all have a microphone... big frecking whoop... sucks to be you... ¬_¬

Ninja-chicken responds:

thanks mate we need more people like you around
Well wanna hear a secret?
It did get through before heh

Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2005
8:38 AM EDT
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