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FBF Randomness - NDP '05

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This installment of FBF Randomness comes in honor of today, Singapore's 40th anniversary of independence after it left merger with Malaysia on August 9, 1965 <3

I know that the chorus animation is VERY repetitive, but I wouldn't be able to make this in time for today because of work and time. Sorry folks.

This song is sung by actress and singer Rui En and former Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah.

<3 Singapore for the 4 decades of multicultural <3 that you've given us Singaporeans (and tourists from all over the globe). HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!

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hey i'm a singaporean too... ...

WOAH i didn't noe tat thr will be a flash tat is from singapore man... ... lolz but the flash u made was pretty stupid though and u should put other song beside tat song ... ...

n00b-l0s3r responds:

All your FBF are belong to us.


i luv fbf

the grapics (paint brush) could be smoother but meh never mind thats not the point <- ^ this goes to all your fbfs as this is an overall summery on all your fbfs

style yeah seen it b4

sound on this 1 i didnt like the song but it was clear + smooth etc.

interactivity 1 the play button (lol)

overall 10 because none of the above counted (to me only on certain things) i luv fbfs!!!!!!!

it shows that your good except grahpics on fbf's arnt as good as say alien homonid

n00b-l0s3r responds:

You're comparing this to Alien Hominid?! You're crazy! Obviously they won't match up to that kick-ass game!

If you didn't like the song... never mind. This is Singapore.


Sweet, dude!!! Shit, man. Why didn't I see this before? Everything rocks!!! I love your stuff!! I can't wait to release the full version of FBF 6: Finale...

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Yeah, thanks man! I hope it'll be released soon too...

Join my collab at ngcollabs.com! It's at a later page in the Collabs forum as it's being ignored... The previous collab's been abandoned and I'm sure you would want to be in my FBF collab!

scary!... and annoying, to many squigily lines

there were to many squigily lines, i really didnt get wat that was. kinda stupid. and the song was wierd and annoying

n00b-l0s3r responds:


A lot of people don't go positive on the song, and you're one of them, because they don't know us Singaporeans...

The whole purpose of this movie genre is SQUIGGLY LINES, dammit!


I tought it would never end. It was pretty good for a start, but I guess you got lazy at the end. There was alot of repeats at the end... And the music sucked so hard. Make a real cartoon next time.

n00b-l0s3r responds:

I didn't get lazy. There wasn't enough time for me to finish. READ THE OTHER REVIEWS I RESPONDED TO!

"And the music sucked so hard."

You don't know us Singaporeans...

StrawberryClock is the King of the Portal.