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>>> Kung Fu <<<

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EDIT - 06-03-2008:
WOW, finally I managed to retrieve my password, havn't been able to log in for years!, the recover password never worked for me. I'm editing some of my movies with this info to tell you all my site is now www.retrogaming4ever.org, AND Kung Fu 4 will not be completed as the source is long gone :(. I have recently started with Flash again and are only into programming games now, still a noob, I know the basics but it's enough to make some cool games, just need to be a little clever :). There is an updated version of Kung Fu - Remix on my site, I do not bother to upload it here. The site needs updates and some links and stuff might not work... donno when I'll do it :). A lot of my time I spend on www.RecordedAmigaGames.or g.
I did this movie because I couldn´t find any Kung-Fu movie on the entire Internet, and it´s also my favoite game on the Nintendo.

Place your suggestions and ideas for Flash movies in my Forum.


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Nice work and great choice on game style!! please make more

This is an awesome tribute to Kung Fu!

Truly a good work of art. I remember playing this game and I loved it! Good job!

Love it

lol love Bruce Lee