Mezzo-Pazzo: short #2

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This is the second Mezzo-Pazzo short movie, in this short, the dancing guy, Oreko Kintai meets a gay guy, enjoy the movie! ^_^


Too short

First I had to turn it up to hear the gay guy voice. The dialogue was ok, it needed somethign more, sure he meets him, but needed eitehr some humor or some insult to go along with it.
It needed to be a bit longer, show some background story what the guy with Oreko was there for.
The gay guy legs looked freekishly long, everyone arms looked a bit long also. Couild use a little more work.

VigorousJammer responds:

Really, I have had problems with arms in the past, and I still do sometimes nowadays, and this was just one of thoose times... proportions aren't really my high spot, but I'll definitely try to keep improving upon it...
as for the dialouge , it was just a quick improv between me and my friend... it wasn't meant to actually have any depth... it was just supposed to be random...
as for the background story, I think you're right, I really should have developed the characters in the first place... but I still am planning to do that in another episode... some sort of... big... prequl...

from shadowblade

ur fucking stupid for bringing up the same thing u just got schooled on. w/e ur just slow

VigorousJammer responds:

heh, actually... I was making a point that everybody is a critic... the people who don't make flashes and decide to be just a critic alone are worse than the people who make flashes AND review... that was my whole point... so, obviously, you're slow since you didn't see that from my message... oh, btw, how about actually reviewing the movie, not another person's review...

Why are santa's arms so long?

Jesus fuck boy, Santa's arms are so... so long. Anyway, the gay guy reminded me of you. hahaa, Im mean. Anyway, good flash... When is PAF coming out... is it ever?

VigorousJammer responds:

ok, ok, PAF will be out soon, well, not really, but, i'm only going to be releasing the first episode most likely, then the series will be on hold or something... i dunno... i'm gonna go in the direction of the dancing guy series before I go back to PAF... I really need to change the name of this "dancing guy" series... :-\

this is great

i loved it even more than the last part.

i will add both you and this movie to my favourite :D

VigorousJammer responds:

hey, thx dude! the next one will be out soon!


make more like this

VigorousJammer responds:

you know I will ^_^

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2.54 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2005
3:15 PM EDT