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Attack of the Monoids

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Cute little animals popping like zits and one eyed green aliens with a fetish.

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I guess this was just okay. Maybe it's because I've just seen too many flashes. There was nothing unique about this. It was mostly nothing but some brief jokes here and there. It was way too short. It just had them doing everything aliens normally do.

The language was kind of funny. The animation could have been better. It was really nothing that good. You need to have more jokes. You should have more originality.

Not bad, but do more.

It was a decent idea and the "language" was really funny, but only one cute animal popped like a zit. The animation of that explosion was great, but it was the only one. Also, it was shorter than I expected. I was waiting for more to happen and then, all of a sudden, it was over.


hate it why did he kill the bird bad grabhics and alins liked cows or that what i thought till i saw this ************ toon


that was kinda cute in a really strange way. plus i did like the alien voices, i thought i heard my frickish fuckish or something ahaha.


that was twisteed in an exploding animals sort of way

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2005
8:12 PM EDT