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Author Comments

i hope you all enjoy my work that i put together. and i would like for you to give me feed back on how i can make skills sharper as an srtist and also as an animator. ENJOY!! P.S i would like to thank BILLY, BEN and MATT for teaching me how to use flash!! THANKS GUYS :)


Definite Potential

The idea was good. I think you could have done a bit more with it, though. Though this movie didn't have a lot of things happening in it, it still seemed very long. There were several spots toward the beginning that seemed needlessly drawn out, like the ball panting and looking back and forth repeatedly. Also, as someone earlier mentioned, it would be a good idea to clean up your art a little. It's way better than what a big percentage of Newgrounds can dish out, but it seemed to lack semblance.
Overall, it was okay - there are a lot of things that you could work on, though. What saddens with this is that there were a lot of things that you could have done with the central theme of this video, but didn't. You're obviously quite good, but elaborating on your theme, cleaning up the artwork just a little, and shortening the time between events (i.e. the ball escaping and the kid finding it again.) One more thing that I think would be nice, though you obviously don't have to do it, is adding depth to the characters. Anyway, all that aside, you have a lot of potential as a Flash artist, and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

...It would sure suck to be a kickball, though...

gogomoe responds:

thank you sir that was one of the second flashes i ever done.i have been working on improving my skills. im getting better as i go along. so just keep checking with me and i will keep the work coming.......thank u for the review

Cute story.

Nice story idea. Clean up your line work. No extraneous squiggles. And don't use gradients if you can find another way. For a kickball, for example, that shouldn't be too hard.
Good luck and till next time.

gogomoe responds:

thanks for the review i'll keep that in mind

Better than Tape Worm Tommy

...But still lacking any depth or imagination. Yeah, it a pretty funny flash, but maybe my standards are pretty high. If you're trying to make frontpage (as you said to stanleypants) then it would probably be better if you took time out and put your mind on a focus of tryng to make someinthg geuinly good.

Also, try to make theflash animation more smooth and faster. I've noticed this so far with your work.

I'll be reviewing you other pieces.

gogomoe responds:

thanks for review. so what type of cartoon do you think i should make. to get on frontpage. what should i incorperate in to my flashes. how should i do it so i can get a ten from you in a review. please tell you me. u can e mail me at www.gogomoe@tmail.com. and again your reviews are making me work harder as an animator. stay cool!!!!!


This is a good flash. I like it. Keep up the good work.

gogomoe responds:

thanks stanleypants for taking the time out of your busy day to watch my flash. im trying hard to make front page. i have another flash that im going to submit probaly tommorrow called UNITED BUM SPORTS NETWORK. so keep on the look out.thanks for the review. stay cool!!

not bad

it was a weird, yet funny movie. i liked it.

gogomoe responds:

thank you for watching my flash. i really appreciate your review.

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Credits & Info

2.51 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2005
6:50 AM EDT
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