Element of Escape

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Would you throw yourself down a mountain and into the ocean to escape from Prison?

What if you were wrongly imprisoned and the only thing that matters to you was out there waiting for you.

One of the first 'serious' attempts at animation I ever made, and it kind of shows. If you enjoyed it you can look forward to my newer work.

Thanks for watching and reviewing.



Funny but it was still bad overall


His face is... Green? O' well. Aside from that there are two other points I'd like to hit. 1) If this wasn't your first flash I wouldn't have rated graphs quite so high. Just take your time. If somthing looks wrong, then change it. 2) Sound is VERY important. Don't slack off on it.


it was good flash on a prisoner escaping. the funny thing about why would they shoot at an unarmed man lol. once he escapes he can file in a sew lol.

there a robber that was stealing from a bank and his leggs were chopped off by a guy and he sewed both the guy and the bank AND WON! i wud just throw his ass on a wheelchair and tie him to a race dog with a rabbit tied to its head

Empsychotis responds:

The prison is unnecessarily strict, for dramatic effect. This guy isn't in prison for murder I assure you.

I like the music!!

i love that song playing!!!!nice work on the flash too!!!

Aseme job !

One thing you probably could have done was make a storyline to this :P.....and..... damn i wish i knew the artist of that song

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2005
2:08 AM EDT
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