Subliminal Messages pt.1

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This is a small flash about a few songs that have backwards messages in them (not necessarily intentional). enjoy, and remember to leave constructive feedback. please note that I am not discrediting anyone with this, and that you must have a fairly open mind to hear them.The title should have been "backwards messages pt.1" since not all are subliminal.

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i will gonna become a crazy

this was awesome i was relly scared well i think that because you i will not sleep tonight or this week


I mean the deep purple one was anew one to me but, still some of the subliminal messages that are still heard make no sense. I mean one of the clearest one's is queens another one bite's the dust, which says it's fun to smoke marijuana, But the band members were not hooked on cocaine not marijuana, eh whatever the sound needs to be cleared up a little bit and thats all I have to say

Bi0Reaper responds:

Protip: Its all basically cd quality, just reversed. If you have crappy speakers and/or ears, that's not the bitrates' fault.

0.o HOLY F****** CRAP...

This was awesom in the beggining, and I especially liked the Weird Al parts. Its just that last part that everyone (includeing me) seems to be creeped out about. I could only listen to the first three quarters of it and then only once and then I just couldent bring myself to listen again. I mean I'm all for GOD and stuff, but the way the LORDS prayer was read, It almost sounded satanic. That was f****** creapey man, make more.

I hate them and i love 'em

I have known about these songs for about 4 years and they still creep me out. Today I decided to look up subliminal on NG and I came upon this. I think its easier to show my friends this than going to google and typing backmasking and hitting I'm Feeling Lucky because all the sounds are pretty much bunched up here. Can you make subliminal flashes about other subliminal stuff instead of focusing on the backmasking?


good.....and the pokemon subliminal message isnt buy our merchandise,if you playi t backwards in the aprt where it says gotta kechem all it says " I LOVE SATAN ". And the prank flash is subliminal images and music on albinoblacksheep"dot"com. JUST TO BE WARNED BEFORE WATCHING,it comes to a part where it shows green text on screen and all the lyrics are on the text and text covers whole screen,and this weird alianish voice comes on screen,and your reeding lyrics and its something about praying to god AND HALFWAY THROUGH THE SCREEN YOU SEE A BIG RED DEMONIC FACE POP UP MAKING A FREAKISH NOISE.this flash made me go into a constant state of paranoia and withdrawl from internet for months and i think it pretty much warped my mind. ITS VERY FREAKY EVEN WHEN EXPECTING IT AND IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SERIOUSLY AVOID IT.god it freaks me out just typin about it man ) =. childhood trauma sucks

Bi0Reaper responds:

Does it say that about the pokemon one in the flash? I'll have to fix that. I put the pokemon one in the second flash, and I am in the process of putting buttons into it now that i have a better flash maker. I know exactly where the prank flash is, and I have the song in my second flash as well. Most people are really freaked out by it, check it out.

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Aug 6, 2005
4:29 PM EDT
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