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Gummy Bears in Swedish!

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Teh claw is more pure now ok?

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va fan va jääääävla dåålig!!! u suck man!

Let's start the review

Well, I can say that many many worse animutations than this have been produced. It was interesting that there was only one background through most of the movie (there's the gummy bear one before the movie starts, and the red one at the beginning and end, but that checkerboard one makes up most of it). Overall, I liked it, even though there have been many better (and many worse).


Im swedish and that song... The subtitle was very incorrect very very incorrect haha

The best!

Lol, I am swedish and it was really funny to watch how people think swedish sounds like. xD

Wtf they are named Gummy Bears orginaly?!?!1+1+1+oneplus


I couldn't hit the rod, but at least I'm sure, that the claw is more pure! Thank you, Saruman! <3

BTW, I think I have heard also russian and polish version of this song, but I can't remember when or where.