Island Nation

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Opress your people, conquer countries and be a dictator!

Note: For anyone who still plays this game, I am probably going to do a remake of it that is will look totally different but have the same idea. This probably won't be done until the Spring or early summer (if I do decide to do it) because I have a bunch of other projects that I am working on.

Note: I fixed all the spelling errors and problems in the instructions. Please read the instructions!!!

Note: Silly me! In the directions it tells you to check the bottom right hand corner for the TNT but it's in the lower left hand corner! I'll fix this as soon as I get back to New York (I'm currently away so don't bother me unless you have a big problem). Aside from the READ THE INSTRUCTION and then go through the toolbar and read the information in that.

Note: This game has lots of lines of code and I have spent many sleepless nights going over them, so PLEASE(!) report errors and bugs to me at checkthecoolness@yahoo.c

Don't worry if the instructions confuse you, just play this game a little and it will make sense.

Just to let you know, there's no music, play your own CDs, I know you have them!

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love it

This game is truly wonderful, you are an amazing game maker. and why are you all saying its hard just build a few hotels and markets you can make a lot of money to build up on. i generaly like games such as this but this one may be my favorite. well heres what i think you should put in the next version, first of all public services such as sanitations, and theese make people happy, next mabye add an option to cycle through and build on all your islands. and another one, put in oil, oil could be a good way for your nation to make money and maybe its only on certain islands, and perhaps adding cities and a capital, and you can make a huge palace in the capital. and one last idea for the next one, perhaps making your people work in buildings so your people will really have jobs, beacuse if they dont have jobs how can they pay taxes. well there was my review hope you consider some of my ideas and keep up the good work


It's a good idea and such, and with more time and er...effort...put into it, it could be an awesome game. The game is very difficult, and out of about 50 tries, i've never made it to attacking anyone because I lose of poverty two minutes (litteraly) in. Overall....

Graphics: 6/10 - Not 'awesome', but I know what I'm looking at.

Gameplay: 5/10 - It's far to difficult for your average gamer.

Here are some suggestions

1) Allow players to ration the food per person.
2) Give players some more space to build on
3) Allow players to conquer enemies and take their lands
4) More types of houses
5) Maybe allow trade with other nations to increase the ammount of $ brought in
6) A saving feature would be nice

Overall a decent game but it has some weaknesses I hope are resolved by the 2nd game.

P.S. New Players! My advice is to build lots of farms, factories and some slums intially then upgrade from there; always leave some free space just in case


not good but not bad work on more realism like makin an armies and wars against other armies

been a fan awhile

ok so iv been with this game since it was first submited and am still waiting for the second to come out the game is sound but the ratios of food and cash could be better so all in all releise the second and maybe take front page:)

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3.35 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2005
9:51 PM EDT
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