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Autumn Tree

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April 20, 1999. The world was in shock as camera footage was shown on television of SWAT teams evacuating students out of an american high school. It was the last moments of a terrible tragedy that cost 13 victims their lives and left many more severly injured. The two responsible, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, turned out to be 2 teenage students themselves of Columbine High, making the motivation of the tragedy even more uncomprehendable.

Autumn Tree is a story based on the lives of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Whitout it being a complete reconstruction, it shows the situation before and during the tragedy. For more information we would strongly recommend to read the authors comments in te menu.

Just a few words considering AT. Alot of this movie is fact based. Do you think we made up the Natural Born Killer poster? Fact is that Eric Harris even codenamed the tragedy 'NBK'. Also allmost all the situations really happened. Dylan taping Eric, the friend who they spared in front of school, the 'Do you believe in God' conversation.... Know the facts before you start to write a 2 paged opinion about their motives when you have no idea what you are talking about. We dont know what was the cause, we simply try to show it from all angles, close to how it really was.

Also the dialogue in the last scene was taken from what they literally said during the massacre.

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Wait...Is Dylans hair purple in this animation?It's just a small thing,but it's weird seeing him with purple hair-

AndieCiambotti responds:

Howdy! That is not neither Dylan or Eric, our short is only inspired by Columbine. Please don't take this as an attempt to faithfully represent that crime, we made this six years after 1999 and every piece of information was very shady back then (and still is). Hope this helps to clarify a lot of the "misrepresentations" that this short is despised for? by a lot of researchers of Columbine.

This really brings a new side to the story... the characters behind the chaos. Not so much their reasons (though they list them on paper it doesn't really seem to say the whole truth) as their personalities, and all that led up to that one event... it feels sad not so much because of how it turned, as we already know it did, but because of how it all could have been if only they chose another path... or if someone intervened before it all went down. Makes you wonder if it COULD have gone differently though, or if they were as heavily influenced by games and movies as they seem to be; used their circumstances as an excuse to do what they did... seems so unreal. Still so unfathomable that someone would do what they did because of the reasons they state, and especially when they seemed to have friends, when they knew each other, when people knew them... either way this was an an unexpected kind of glimpse into their lives. Feels... melancholy. Falling leaves. The title suits it well.


Anybody who feels sorry for, gives honer to, or remorse for anybody other than the parents of them, is a FUCKING ASSHOLE-
They were Godless, little fucking Bastards, who thought just because they were picked on by people- means that they deserve to kill.
Fuck Em'.
Best Thing they ever did was kill themselves.
I mean they hated everyone- they said they hated Jocks, Preps, Chinks, N****rs, Jews??? Their list of Hates went from High school Cliques to Races to Religions! what a pack of fucking Jaggaloons! They wont be missed by Me, or by anyone with a Normal Fucking Brain. They thought just because the Big Kids took their lunch-money and beat them up, makes them think they're some fucking Hard Gang Bangers/mafiosos or some shit. Any prick with a gun can kill someone. Much less these Cowardly Cunts. Rest in Pieces Dirtbags

I think it's wonderful that you take such a strong issue so seriously. It's hard to make anything based on real life. You really have to think about representing people the right way. It's probably even harder in an animated adaptation. I think there WAS someone who was asked about God, but it wasn't a girl who was killed. The animation was great.

Yep, most of us are familiar with this. Everything was done in a very realistic manner. It's great that you show things so realistically. It is pretty hard to stomach, though. I don't even think many people here have made serious cartoons based on 911.

The art style used here is unique, but on a serious note being bullied and being pushed to your breaking point that you take revenge into your own hands is never a good thing and what those boys did is unforgivable, we at some point have been a victim to being bullied and it has pushed some to sucide, attempted suicide or other evil acts, i attempted suicide (if anyone wanted to know) but back to the matter, if you have these thoughts of doing these things, PLEASE GET HELP.