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Therapy via video : Father and son

A father and his son try and improve their relationship by "talking it out" on camera.

-I put subtitles in certain parts of the movie to translate the hindi curse words.
-Hindi curse words courtesy of www.insults.net (i do not speak hindi)
Thanks for watching!

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Nice claymation and figures. Funny, too.

Just a couple questions: How many FPS do you use? and do you record the audio before or after you do the claymation?

Defanim responds:

In this one i used 24 fps the whole time, usually whenever i make a film its 30fps for the parts where i lip sync and 15 for when there's movement only.
As far as audio is concerned i always record before animating, you have to if youre going to lip sync and even if youre not you still need to know how much camera time each figure gets and what gestures its going to make when its talking.

((( COOL )))

Haha this was funny, and really neat, the characters are by far the best i seen on this site very welldone, its cool to see more clay stuff as we dont get much of that anymore like we did in the past, anyways nice flash work or clay work in this case, keep it up...



I did enjoy seeing claymation. I havent seen that in a long time, but it just wasnt that funny, & you kinda tryed to milk it. Nice try!

Boring but good style

I like the style too many ppl dont use glay but the quality was poor. Nice shot tho.

Defanim responds:

Its a special type of humor, apparently only intelligent people get it.
I guess we know where you stand.

it's cho..back with another beat

i may be a bit bias, since i hate indian explotation...and i'm not indian

*spoiler* he clamors about nothing...therapy is just weird. claymation is a nice touch, although they don't really do much.

somethin to watch on a slightly rainy day..if there are no other sports besides hockey on

Defanim responds:

Only an idiot would think this movie "exploits indians" as you so ignorantly put it. The characters being indian and speaking hindi makes them more memorable.
I also was showing what the children of immigrants have to deal with, the dialogue exhibits it perfectly..you just werent listening.